About the Chamber.

The Nailsea Chamber of Trade & Commerce

The Nailsea Chamber of Trade and Commerce exists to promote the interests of its members, who are drawn from Nailsea and the surrounding areas. Our overarching aim is to promote Nailsea as ‘a good place to do business’. To achieve this, we maintain close relationships with the local town council and the unitary authority of North Somerset Council, as well as other local organisations. We also get involved in wider community initiatives through sponsorship of events such as the Nailsea Community Christmas Fair, Nailsea in Bloom and NailseaTown.com, a new online community for the people of Nailsea.

In maintaining relationships with other organisations, we give a voice to Nailsea businesses that may otherwise get lost in the competing demands for ever scarcer resources. We aim to make sure that the needs of businesses, both large and small, continue to be on the agenda when, for example, planning issues are being debated. As an example, we were involved in the c